The Weirder the Better
Jason DuMouchel was born in Tampa,Florida on February 26, 1970 (Year of the Dog). According to certain zodiac assessments I have the following characteristics:
 deals with unknown situations very well
 very flexible
 likes almost every change
These are all true.

     Born of Cuban and French heritage, Jason has a love of French and Spanish culture. Surrounded by a family of actors, artists, dancers and other creative spirits, Jason’s creativity and individuality was highly encouraged as a child. He spent a lot of time making things, inventing characters and being his weird self. He also had (and still has) a great love of sports and competition. He particularly enjoys sports that tend to push the individual such as surfing, water skiing, skateboarding, running and tennis. His future dreams were focused on these sports until 10th grade. This was the year he made his first serious strides in both Art and Theater. From that point on, he never considered anything other than being an artist or actor. Throughout his high school experience, he won various awards in sport, theater and art. None of which he kept.
     Jason attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University for his first year of college intending to pursue acting. He decided however, that actors cannot really perform their craft without other people involved but artists could make art anytime. So he decided to pursue visual art instead. After a summer at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and a brief hiatus back in Florida, he transferred to Skidmore College in Saratoga New York and graduated in 1994. Jason then went about pursing his art career and raising his 1st son Jackson. After various odd jobs which included working in kitchens, waiting tables, sales, and working on oil rigs, he landed in New Orleans in 1998 where he worked in galleries until the year 2000 when artist Michael Meads and former HC teacher hired him as the drawing and painting teacher. Jason found a new love in teaching. Being in the studio and working with young artists is something that Jason takes great pleasure in and from which he derives fantastic inspiration. In 2002 Jason married the beautiful Mignon. Like filet. But she is not a steak. She is his muse and savior. Fast forward past 2005 when something happened that jumbled life up a bit.
     Jason and the beautiful Mignon now have four crazy boys. Everest 4, Gryphon 10, Sebastian 12, and prodigal son Jackson is now 23 and starting his own design studio. Mr.DuMouchel is in his 7th year back at Holy Cross and loves every minute of his time in the studio with the students that he is lucky enough to teach. Live Now.
Fun and Odd Facts about Jason DuMouchel
Loves Pink and Lime Green
Loves physical labor
Doesn’t care about money
Is in no way a neat freak but likes to organize the refrigerator
Loves all kinds of music
Loves Rainbows
Opens bags of chips upside down
Enjoys the writing of Charles Bukowski and Hunter Thompson
Makes odd noises and voices at random moments
Loves the beauty of imperfection
Had pets with the following names in order of memory
Amos, Strutter, Hooper, Herbert, Sabrina, Doc, Winston, Balthus,
Spitfire, Oviedo, Cash, and Henry.

Lousiville, Ky. – Butchertown Art Fair, June 2013 (Seeker – Horses) 

New Orleans Exhibition History

DuMois Gallery, 2010 to present
The Seeker Series, January-February 2013
Harvest, October 2010
Fly, March 2010
Opening Exhibit, January 2010
Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, (gallery artist from 2001-2005)
Docs Gallery, (gallery artist 1998-2000)

Holy Cross School, New Orleans, La. – Teacher of 2d and 3d art, grades 5-12
Facebook: Jason DuMouchel Art
Cell: 504-613-7103 email: 

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Jason DuMouchel, July 30, 2013

Artist Statement for The Seeker series (horses)

  The Seeker series represents our search for something deeper and meaningful in life. There are numerous figurative works including sculpture that make up the series. A driving force, however are the presence of the horses. The image of the horse has become a series unto itself. 
  For me horses possess a god-like outer strength and beauty as well as an amazing inner knowledge and spirituality that I find quite moving. In my work, the horses represent both me/everyone as the seeker as well as a spiritual guide who possesses qualities of both light and dark forces. These ideas are the source of inspiration for the drawings. 
  These drawings are an exploration in the use of multiple mediums to create varied and layered drawings. I love the process of drawing. I want the viewer to be able to have a lasting experience with my work in the sense that one can visually explore the surface moving between layers, textures, colors, and marks which ideally come together to create powerful and moving images with the horse/seeker as the subject. I develop each piece differently with no formula for starting and ending. Sometimes I start with a simple drawing of the horse and sometimes I start with a series of marks or washes. The drawings often change dramatically from one session to the next until I feel I’ve reached a point where every part of the surface is contributing to the entire image. The drawings are untitled except for the word “seeker” and sometimes a key word for identification. I intentionally leave the titles ambiguous in an effort to not lead the viewer in any one direction. I believe this allows for a deeper experience and lets the drawings speak to each individual viewer creating a unique experience for everyone.
  Finally, I’d like to explain that the term “Seeker” is one that is not new to me. In fact, in my late teens and 20s, I referred with disdain to people as “seekers” who I felt were needlessly seeking something in their lives or the world that was bigger than themselves. People who I thought could not appreciate the simple nature of their day to day existence. While I still believe that we must live each day with appreciation and enthusiasm, I have realized as I’ve gotten older that I too am a seeker of something bigger than myself in an effort to achieve that certain balance and peace that I believe we are all searching for in our lives.